​My name is Adhem Belkhadra, I am 30 years old Associate Content Director Level Design, living in Paris, France.


I'm a video game passionate since my childhood, and I have always been interesting by art and creation.  


More than the title of Level Designer, I prefer to be a creator of experience, and offer to the player unforgettable situations and stories through games or any others mediums. My goal, it's to create greats games and experiences with my teammates from others trades .


Currently, I have the chance to put my skills for Ubisoft Paris Studios, working on Skulls and Bones.

My first steps in the industry began in 2008 through journalism on the website Gamatomic. Alongside my studies in computer sciences, I wrote criticisms of various video games. This experience allowed me to expand my knowledge on writing documents and the video game industry.I continued my studies with a barchelor's degree to learn game and level design.


After this year, my first experience as a professional began in the Parisian studios Kylotonn Games about the project The Cursed Crusade.


Thereafter, I worked for three years as level designer at Ubisoft, on the JustDance series, where I learned in a team rich in knowledge, the workings of video game development.

Following this experience, I have shifted to robotics at the company Aldebaran Robotics, become Softbank Robotics Europe, to discover new ways to create and practices in order to learn more about the design of playful systems.


After a year in this industry, I decided to go back to my passion: video game. Since October 2015, I'm working at Ubisoft since October 2015, where I worked on WATCH_DOGS 2 released in 2016 and WATCH_DOGS: LEGION released in 2020.

Alongside my  professional work,  I'm working as lecturer in different schools where I teach level design and share my experience..


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T  E A C H I N G

I had the opportunity to teach Level Design to students in different schools.


In 2014, I started at Bobigny University Institute of Technology, attached to the University Paris XIII. This first experience allowed me to learn a lot about the matching and communication Level Design.

My interventions consisted of a academic presentation of the Level Design through different examples of the game.I was also in charge of Unreal Engine training for their Level Design project. Students had to design a map from the Gears of War 1 level editor on a PC. I gave them an intensive week of training on the tool, then I followed the progress of their maps.I taught for 3 years, before taking a break, to concentrate on my professional projects.


I returned to teaching since 2018 by giving Level Design courses to IMM at La Defense and ICAN at Paris.


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